We are Papierniczeni, but what is it about? We want to share our love for paper products! That is why the idea to create Papierniczeni was born. In the era of new technologies and omnipresent screens we like to reach for analogue objects. We like to touch paper, write on it, and rediscover its potential.


You can meet us in Krakow, at 18 Limanowskiego Street. This is where our command centre with head office, workshop and showroom are located, and where you can take part in our workshops and meetings to interact with paper and create unique stationery pieces of art. You can also visit us on any other day just to flick through a notebook, touch a paper cover, or make friends with writing instruments. In our online and stationary store, you will find a variety of unique utensils, accessories and stationery products.


We put a lot of effort into selecting products with visual appeal, outstanding design and excellent functionality – all for your everyday convenience and unique experience.



We also create original notebooks that are inspired by traditional bookbinding techniques. We go to every effort to ensure our designs are fresh and modern. Most of our products are handcrafted, which makes them truly unique, but we are also continually developing our capabilities by modernizing our machines to provide ever greater manufacturing accuracy and precision. Careful craftsmanship and attention to the tiniest detail are top priority in our operations.

We strive to ensure our notebooks can help you in everyday matters, and handwriting brings positive vibes to your life.


First, we seek inspiration and analyse stationery needs. The idea slowly evolves to turn into a project that becomes foundation for creating prototypes of our notebook. If all jigsaw pieces are in place and we are happy with the overall result, we move to our workshop and start creating beautiful products that will make your day!


We are aware that trees are used to make paper, so we decided to periodically support the environmental initiatives of the Las Na Zawsze. This foundation is dedicated to protecting mature forests, as well as planting new ones.

In addition, over the years we have supported in various ways foundations and associations fighting for the rights of people and animals (including Polish Humanitarian Action, Open Cages, Okno Na Świat Association).


Since its foundation, Papierniczeni has been a small, family-owned studio. Currently, our team consists of ten people. Every day we aim at providing positive emotions that paper products can bring.

We assist and advise, we send parcels, design and create notebooks, and organise workshops – we do it all to the best of our ability.



Papierniczeni in the Media

Our brand had the pleasure of appearing in many media outlets––thank you for the invitation!

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