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The end of the year is just around the corner, but you still haven’t picked a calendar to plan your new adventures? Don't worry – we keep an eye on everything and will help you choose the calendar to be your best buddy for the whole year!

Klasyk MMXXIV Calendar – A League of Its Own

It makes the hearts of stationery lovers beat faster. Smooth paper, golden hot-stamping, book linen binding... The Klasyk Calendar has already been with us for eight years. We introduce minor changes to its design or add new colours every year, but deep inside it's still the same. Vertical orientation, weekly, monthly and yearly layouts, with extra pages for your notes, thoughts, or plans for the year ahead. The Klasyk Calendar features dotted inner pages, fabric bookmark, and its layout will be ideal for to-do list enthusiasts. Last year, we bid farewell to the bottle green, but to soothe the tears, we present the beautiful ocean. The lilac pink color also caused a sensation, stealing the hearts of many and becoming this year's favorite!Copper Calendar – Weekly Planner with Many Faces

Why Copper? Because it features quite a few copper details. Its inner pages are made from the same top-quality fountain pen friendly paper as found in the Klasyk Collection. The Copper Calendar includes annual, monthly and weekly layouts and comes with a fabric bookmark. Its horizontal calendar layout will be appreciated by those who love taking quick notes and schedule important meetings. If you need more space, here you go: each double-page spread includes weekly planner on the left and space for notes on the right. The Copper comes in two versions – with hard- and softcover binding. The hardcover option is more elegant, durable and resistant to staining. The other has more vivid colours and is quite a bit lighter. If you like lines, metallic details and classic design, the Copper is to go for.Midori Calendars – Perfect Minimalism

Midori MD Paper is a Japanese brand, much loved by stationery freaks, and especially renowned for its top-quality paper. As every year, Midori designers have prepared a variety of calendars and planners to choose from. We call it a calendar, but its slightly uncommon design combines a bit of a calendar, and a bit of a planner. Annual and monthly layouts at the beginning are followed by undated ruled pages to let you organize planning to your liking. Weekly calendars are available in A5, Slim and A6 sizes. Daily calendars are also available and they come in A5 and A6 sizes, where each page is dedicated to one day of the year, but the layouts do not feature specific dates. The calendars have fabric page bookmarks, and the weekly versions can be protected from dirt and staining by additional covers (sold separately). Midori Calendars will be ideal for those who value simplicity. “Wycinki w termosie” – Your Dose of Inspiration with a Twist of Humour

"Wycinki w termosie" Calendar is a project started in 2020 by Papierniczeni and Gosia Konieczna. Gosia creates word collages made of newspaper clippings and she does it exceptionally well. “Wycinki w termosie” have been published for years and become very popular in Poland, but we have a feeling they will have even more fans once the calendar is on sale! The calendar comes in smaller A5 size, making it a smart alternative to the classic A5 products. It includes yearly, monthly and weekly layouts, as well as blank pages for your notes. But the best thing about it is that each week and month features a unique and previously unpublished word collage. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes funny, other times inspiring. Each one is such a little surprise to start a new week. Everyday Daily Calendar – Handy and Smart

Everyday is a pocket-sized daily calendar with an eco-leather binding so it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The daily page spreads have a clever layout: top half is ruled while the bottom half is plain. This smart design allows you to arrange your daily activities into two separate sections: one for work tasks and the other for something nice? Why not! The new edition of the Everyday calendar features a more flexible binding and is slimmer than previous versions, and best of all – it opens completely flat. This year, Everyday has been exceptionally well-received, leaving only two out of the four colors available: old rose and biscuit. Everyday will be ideal if you prefer to have an overview of the whole day, but do not fancy bulky calendars that could add weight to your bag or backpack.Leuchtturm1917 Timeless Planners

Leuchtturm1917 Planners are recognized and appreciated for their durability and versatile design. Leuchtturm1917 offers A5 Daily Planners to ensure you can precisely plan your day. The daily layout contains time slots, extra space for notes and a 3-month calendar overview. The A4 Weekly Planners are also available and should be considered by those who prefer larger sizes, value traditional style and need plenty of space to schedule their daily routine.

Kal Wall Calendar – For You and Your Interior

Wall calendars are not only useful but can also decorate your workspace. The Kal Calendar is proudly displayed on the wall in our showroom. This Calendar includes six double-sided pages, each with 1-month overview. A wall mount is included, but if Kal has been present in your home before, you can buy just the insert. Kal’s black and white design is reserved and harmoniously complement the interior. It does, however, develop its own style over time with notes you add to it.

New release – Kal Note

This year, the wall calendar has gained a new companion! The book version of the Kal calendar is a great choice for enthusiasts of simple form and minimalism. This weekly planner consists of a replaceable interior and a waterproof cover made of cellulose. So, when you finish your year, the binding can be useful for a new notebook or another calendar. Each weekly spread is also equipped with a to-do list, a space for weekly reflection, and a habit tracker. At the end of the calendar, there are also pages for loose notes with lined printing. The black cover with pockets, ribbon bookmark, and lay-flat opening make it a practical tool that will enhance your daily planning!

Typodarium – Vintage Style...

...with a modern twist. Remember the tear-off calendars at your grandma's house? Typodarium is exactly the same. It's a treat for all typography enthusiasts. Every year, the Typodarium's creators follow the latest trends in font design and then enclose them in this tiny cube. Each day features a different typeface revealing your daily typographic inspiration. The calendar comes with a stand, so it can also be displayed on your desk.

As the choice of calendars and planners is almost endless, the question is: what do you really need? If you like to have a calendar on hand, choose those in A5 format, like Klasyk and Copper, or smaller ones, such as Everyday. When you value inspiring content, we recommend Typodarium or Wycinki w termosie. If you appreciate simplicity and high quality, your minimalist soul will surely crave Midori. Whatever you choose, remember that the calendar is for you, not the other way around. Plan when you want, as much as you want; take breaks if you need them. Have a great year in 2024!

Author: Ilona Machulska

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