Eco-Friendly Home Office

We can be more eco-friendly no matter what we do, even at home office or studio. We use different tools and have our own habits. Small changes in our working surrounding may have positive impact on the environment. We have a few ideas on how to create an environmentally friendly home office space.


Metalowe akcesoria biurowe.

Recycling First

Careful selection of wastepaper is crucial in the paper recycling process. Unlike the common opinion, eco paper does not have to be grey and contain residues. Recycled material can be used to produce high quality paper with a beautiful shade of white, which can then be used to create office stationery or notebooks. Perfect examples are Mleko Living from Krakow and Papelote from Prague, both utilizing recycled paper in their stationery collections.

Wiele marek, takich jak: Papelote i Mleko Living, w swoich produktach wykorzystuje wysokiej jakości papier ekologiczny.

Recycled Pulp Pieces of Art

Paper is an amazing material, from which new forms can be created through recycling. Pulp is very plastic, and therefore often used by artists and designers. New objects created from pulp are unique, such as our favourite pencil cases and boxes made from 100% recycled pulp by Midori from Japan. Three colours: white, grey and beige are achieved by utilizing milk packaging, newspapers and cardboard boxes in the production process.

Szary piórnik Midori z pulpy makulaturowej.


In the stationery world, there are brands that know how to bring seemingly useless things into life. An example? Redo Papers from the Netherlands <3 In their collections, the creators use paper clippings and trim waste produced by the paper industry. This approach ensures that no new waste is generated, and fresh, beautifully designed paper products are crafted from these seemingly worthless materials. Check it out yourself! → .

Copyrights: Redo Papers.

Items with Patina

Office stationery made of plastic, such as bookmarks, rulers and writing instruments have their more durable and classic counterparts. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as aluminium, steel, brass, copper, or wood. Each material is different, and items made from them can withstand the test of time. The patina and scratches on the surface give these objects an individual style and touch. Moreover, your favourite brass fountain pen may one day become a precious heirloom passed down in a family for generations.

Mosiężne długopisy i linijka ystudio i dębowa podstawka na przybory do pisania.

And the Fountain Pen Enthusiasts...

...may choose a converter and ink instead of plastic cartridges. Ink is usually sold in glass containers, and a reusable converter ensures the amount of packaging we dispose is reduced to minimum.

Atrament i tłoczek to świetna alternatywa dla jednorazowych nabojów.

Reusable Envelopes

Paper envelopes are a must-have in every home office. Apart from the classic ones, permanently sealed with glue, there are also reusable solutions. We create such products in our studio – envelopes with smart button and string closure, which can be used more than once - for filing documents or storing your favourite photographs :) Creativity counts!

Koperta z guzikami.

Long-Lasting Covers – Replaceable Interiors

If you are a notebook enthusiast, you know that paper covers are prone to scratching and staining. Instead of wasting money on a notebook with plastic cover, you can get a decent reusable cover! Good quality covers, such as those made of waxed paper or silicone, can be cleaned with water and mild detergents. The only thing you will need to regularly replace is the paper interior. The Japanese MD Paper notebooks proudly feature this smart solution.

Okładki oraz notatniki z serii MD Paper, Midori.

Type of Paper Actually Matters

You should look for PEFC- or FSC-Certified papers. This will ensure that the wood used in the manufacturing process originates from sustainable agriculture. These certificates consider not only environmental, but also social and forest-wood production aspects. The presence of such labels on raw materials and products can help us make responsible choices.

Logo certyfikatu FSC, jest gwarancją, że papier pochodzi z odpowiedzialnego źródła.

These are just a few tips on what we can do to reduce our negative impact on the environment. But this is not all. We encourage you to bring nature into your studio. Plants decorate our surrounding and provide a friendly atmosphere. Their presence combined with plant care rituals will have a positive impact on our wellness.

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Author: Ilona Machulska, Images: Magdalena Konik-Machulska
Translation: Rafał Stachura

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