Undated Planner – Do It Your Way

And then suddenly, leaf fall! Everyone around you is looking for a calendar for the coming year, but you failed again to make friends with yours. It’s been left alone sitting in the shadows of your bookshelves. But you know what? It's not the end of the world. Maybe the calendar is not your cup of tea. If you ask yourself: “plan or not to plan”, it is probably the right time to start a new adventure with an undated planner.



This is one of the greatest things about a planner: no dates, no fuss. If autumn chill makes you feel like turning your life upside down, your undated planner will come to action. No more starting from scratch! No more waiting until the last day of the month to get to your computer and book your flight to Madagascar – it’s much easier to open your planner and start down your packing list straight away.

planner niedatowany – zorganizuj się po swojemu


There are days that follow their own rules: every now and then something has to be rearranged, postponed, canceled, rewritten, or added. An undated planner gives you the freedom to turn the page and give the same week a new order.

planner niedatowany – zorganizuj się po swojemu
 photo by Ładne Bebe


If you are not the skilled Master of Planning, a single planner may be your friend for many years. On the other hand, if you’re a planning freak, the planner offers you plenty of room to plan, plan and plan... And if you finally run short on space, just go ahead and get a new one! And now the best part: one planner will be more than enough to schedule not only your work tasks, but also your free time. Doesn’t it sound great?

planner niedatowany – zorganizuj się po swojemu


Working with undated planners may encourage to observe things that work and those that don’t. It's a tool that you design on the fly and thus spot holes in the system which need to be improved or modified. These day-to-day improvements will increase your productivity to finally result in choosing solutions that work out best for you.

planner niedatowany – zorganizuj się po swojemu


The unquestionable advantage of the planner is that in case you don't become friends and this kind of flexibility is not your cup of tea, you can convert it into a traditional calendar. Number the months, days and voilà! – all jigsaw pieces find their right place and you can take control over each day of the year. You can also create a quarterly or half-a-year calendar and modify the planner to suit your needs. This is another reason why working with the planner is so special: you can use it not only WHENEVER you want, but also THE WAY you want.


A single planner with a lot of possibilities. Students will organize their busy academic year in a blink of an eye by scheduling learning days before exams, writing down progress of projects, or making notes of who they owe change for today’s awful coffee from the vending machine. Freelancers will use the planner to find balance between completing their projects, organizing working days, and private life. Full-time workers will deal with their briefs, “ASAPs” and other deadlines with skills of a circus performer – it will all result in a win-win situation: the boss will be satisfied, and your bonus will be substantial! And Zen Masters...come on, you don’t need a planner, right? Pursue your passions, go with the flow, and change this world for the better <3 planner niedatowany – zorganizuj się po swojemu


  • Schedule your learning days before exams
  • Collect materials and bibliography for your scientific work
  • Plan a month, quarter, or half of the year in advance
  • Divide it however you want
  • Plan at anytime, only when you feel like planning
  • Create a progress logbook for skills you want to improve or practice
  • Anything else? I’m sure you’ll think of something else!

Don't worry if you haven't yet made friends with a traditional calendar. Maybe you just don't feel like jotting down everyday events. That doesn't mean your life is any less vibrant or exciting. We encourage you to find your own way to plan a perfect life, and who knows if an undated planner will not contribute to achieving this goal…

Author: Lena Pilarczyk
Translation: Rafał Stachura
Images: Magdalena Konik-Machulska, Klaudia Czaplińska in cooperation with Ładne Bebe

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