A few thoughts on creativity

Do you sometimes feel a tinge of intimidation when you look at the creative efforts of others? Don't be! We turned to a real specialist on this topic – Ula Janoszuk. We asked her to gather some thoughts on the creativity that accompany her daily. With such inspiration, you will find inviting creativity into your life easier.

I am well aware that for many of you, creativity brings to mind myths and stereotypes, so I have put together a few thoughts to help you work through your feelings and tackle the opinion that creativity is reserved only for the chosen few. Remember – these guidelines come from my process and conversations with other creatives. Go ahead and set your own direction, whether or not they can be of any use to you.

Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas. It helps you find solutions for your career or business, enjoy your free time, and put some sparkle into your lifestyle. Decide to take advantage of it – it's the most important step to brighten up your life!

Creative thinking is a skill that anyone can nurture and develop, but not all of us need it. Make a note of whether and why this matter is essential to you. Go back to the answer when you lack motivation.


Consider your notebook a safe space for creative adventures. Here, you don't have to pretend to be someone else or hide anything. It's not a piece of art – although such can also be found – but a space for self-discovery and growth.

Creativity is a process, not a result. It is influenced by feelings, opinions of others, or beliefs. Keep a close eye on things that are helpful and distracting, so you will learn how to favour your process.


An ingenious thought can come to you at any time. Always have your notebook at hand to capture and turn it into words. Good ideas can easily slip away!


Creativity does not like judgement, criticism and pressure. Be smart and give yourself time to think freely and list all your thoughts related to what you are working on. Remember – every thought is good at this stage!

Do you hear this negative voice in your head telling that “you lack creativity"? It's the inner critic. Write down what it says, cross it out and write back the opposite. Over time, it will be fairly easy to answer.


If you think you don't have time for creative work, use your calendar and schedule meetings with yourself, and then unleash the full potential of your creativity! Take this commitment as seriously as any other.

Want to create collages or write songs? Turn an unfulfilled vision into a specific, stretch target that can be completed within a certain amount of time. This will enhance your chances of success!

Celebrate failures! Creativity requires courage because it expresses your vulnerability. It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Accept this integral element of creativity and enjoy exploration.


Creative life is not only about giving ideas, but also perceiving culture, people or the world around you. Absorb, analyse, observe. Look for things that impress you, inspire, and bring joy. It's a proven way of learning how you want to act and create.


Look at each task, even the most insignificant, differently than usual. Whether you are cooking, walking, cleaning, or playing with your calendar. Creativity, encouraged by small, everyday activities, is happy to be a companion of bigger projects!
Author: Urszula Janoszuk-Giergiel (@u_janoszuk) – cultural expert on the way to the PhD, writer in the process of creating a novel, host of the Kreatywnie U Janoszuk [Creatively at Janoszuk] educational podcast. The first publication took place in Papierniczeni brand's original calendars for 2023.

Images: Edyta Leszczak for Ładne Bebe; La_Glina

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