Journal full of creative adventures

Are you looking for inspiration on how to use your notebook? You’re in the right place! In previous posts we discussed notebooks to get you organized, promote self-care and develop your passions. Today we will focus on creativity.

Ugly Notebook

Turn your notebook into a sketchbook with room for ugliness, blobs, crooked lines, and failed portraits. If you feel apprehensive about white piece of paper, close your eyes and start drawing. If you’re right-handed, hold a pencil in your left hand. As long as you free your mind from the pressure of beautiful images, any such random try can be a delightful surprise.

Treasury of the Heard

Pieces of conversations heard on a tram, out-of-context pieces of conversations, or funny messed up sayings (one of our favourites: ”There is no home like place" <3). Open your notebook and write them down. These are small, everyday treasures that deserve to be hidden in their own paper chest.

Quote Notebook

From heard pieces of conversations, it’s just a short hop to quotes from movies and books. I’m sure that more than once you’ve heard words or sentences that pierced you right through to the core. Maybe you write them down on loose sheets, but unfortunately, the moment you put a period, you cannot find these notes anymore. If you feel like writing these words down on the run, why not create a special place for them?

Writer’s Notebook

Would you like to write a novel, but can't capture the essence of the main character? Try to get into his role and keep a journal on his behalf for a few days. You can also create a diary of an alternative life, with descriptions of thrilling adventures that were not your own. Or perhaps you cannot think of any ideas for new topics? Make a list of the strangest, funniest, or most ridiculous headlines from online articles – it’s a perfect source of inspiration! A beautiful picture caught your eye, or someone's words made a great impression on you? Describe it, take notes, keep it. The most beautiful stories begin with simple delights.

Notebook to Boost Your Creativity

As part of exercises to boost your creativity, pick a topic (word, slogan, object, character, song title...whatever!) once a week and play with it on paper. Think about what you can do with it, what you can use it for, what feelings it creates or what thoughts it brings to your mind. This is how you will quickly boost your creative thinking, a skill that often comes in handy.

Journal of Daily Delights

But that’s how it is when you start wanting to have things. Now, I just look at them, and when I go away I carry them in my head.
– Snufkin

We all agree with Snufkin, although many of us come to such an observation years later, when the amount of junk around us has already become overwhelming. Maybe we should follow his words and instead of buying new things, create a notebook where we could depict them? These sketches can help us overcome our shopping addiction. Who knows, maybe after some time we lose interest in all those things we gathered in the notebook, as is typical with things, and discover that we don’t need them anymore? And even more – we can be quite happy without them.

Don't keep your notebooks in the dark. Show them some love, and they will return the favour more than once, and more than expected. Touch the spine, admire the cover, open the title page, and write the first word.

Author: Lena Pilarczyk
Images: Magdalena Konik-Machulska

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