Kaweco – an Iconic Brand of Writing Instruments

There is no need to introduce the Kaweco brand to anyone, but we couldn’t resist. How is it possible that for so many years it has been one of the top and most recognized manufacturer of writing instruments? Today, we will try to answer this question. Fasten your seatbelts, we need to travel back in time!

Step into the Past, or a Bit of History

The brand's history dates back to 1883, when it was established as Heidelberg Dip Pen Factory. Founded by Ludwig Koch and Rudolf Weber, the company has been perfecting its writing instruments for more than a century. The brand’s name also originates from these names - Kaweco (Koch, Weber, Compagnie).

In the early days, Kaweco focused on creating fountain pens and pencils. Their first spectacular success came in 1913 with the introduction of the Sport series. The pocket-sized pens were designed with mobility in mind and quickly became most popular among soldiers and travellers during World War I.

Today, the Sport series pens, ballpoint pens and pencils are true Kaweco gems. The iconic octagonal barrel shape has been recognized for decades and are the brand's favoured writing instruments.

Lean Years and Rebirth

In 1980, Kaweco ceased their operations due to financial problems. But not for long! A serious dedicated fountain pen enthusiast, Michael Gutberlet, went down in history. When the Kaweco Sport pen become a part of his impressive collection, he decided that this innovative design deserved a second life. In 1994, he acquired the rights to the Kaweco name and launched a refreshed Sport series, inspired by the 1935 design.

Gutberlet's knowledge of the writing instruments market allowed him to make a series of decisions that freed Kaweco products from dusty antique stores and gave them global recognition – not only as amazing writing instruments, but also as iconic gadgets that look great in the hand and on the desk. Today, after all the ups and downs, Kaweco is considered one of the most recognized brands in the market.

Iconic Designs – Casual and Stylish

Today, Kaweco is renowned not only for their long-lasting tradition, but also to their wide-range portfolio of superbly designed writing instruments. Take a look at some of those we proudly feature in our collection:

Kaweco Sport – into the Pocket and Off We Go!
Kaweco Sport series features the widest range of products. It includes short pens, ballpoint pens and pencils made of a variety of materials, such as plastic, durable aluminium, brass, and bronze. The latter two materials will become tarnished when in contact with skin and gain its unique style over time. Not to mention the timeless shape! Our customers are always very impressed when they find out that this design was created over 100 years ago.

See Kaweco Sport Collection

Kaweco Liliput and Supra – Sophisticated Minimalism
The Kaweco Liliput series are also very interesting as some of the smallest fountain pens in the world! When closed, the pen measures only 97 mm, enough to hide it in your hand, but when opened and with the cap on, it transforms into a comfortable and very slim writing tool. We love it for its simplicity – the shape without unnecessary and extravagant decorations, makes the Liliput series a unique product on the market.

Over time, Liliput has been joined by its larger brother – Kaweco Supra. This pen is larger in diameter and has an intermediate screw-in piece to extend its length by additional 3 cm. It will be appreciated by the Liliput fans who love the design but do not fancy its (cute) tiny size.

See Kaweco Liliput and Supra Collection

Kaweco Perkeo – Classic Shape in Lightweight Version
Kaweco Perkeo made its first blobs as dip pens. Over time, the design evolved and was reborn as classic ballpoint and fountain pens. They are most popular among the youngest users and beginners making their first steps with fountain pens. Kaweco Perkeo utensils are light, colourful, and their ergonomic shape makes you feel like not letting them out of your hand for a long time!

See Kaweco Perkeo Collection

If you still hesitate whether to choose a fountain pen, roller pen, or ballpoint pen, read our guidelines with useful tips to help you pick best writing tool that suits you needs.

A Word on Accessories

The Kaweco's broad range of products features a variety of accessories dedicated to specific series of pens, ballpoint pens and pencils. It features coloured inks, converters (a great alternative to standard cartridges!), clips for attaching pens to notebook, leather pouched or tin boxes. To help you choose, we have prepared a list of accessories matching all Kaweco series.

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- Kaweco Sport
- Kaweco Liliput
- Kaweco Supra
- Kaweco Perkeo
What Makes the Kaweco Brand Stand Out?

Timeless Designs
Kaweco’s designs go beyond trends and time – they are original and fresh. Their writing instruments are created to stand the test of time and become precious items that can be passed down for generations.

Made in Germany Quality
Uncompromising commitment to quality ensures you get an excellent writing experience with every single Kaweco pen. The products are assembled by skilled craftsmen with attention to the tiniest detail. This, along with high quality materials, proves great craftsmanship embed in all Kaweco products!

Although the company pays tribute to tradition, it is not afraid to experiment with new technologies and materials, creating writing instruments that perfectly match today's users' needs and expectations. The Kaweco’s product range is impressive – from simple plastic models for beginners to luxury items decorated with silver and gold for connoisseurs.

Sustainable Production
In the days of disposable products and mass production, Kaweco promotes responsible practices by utilizing recycled materials and employing manufacturing processes that reduce waste. This commitment resonates with the values of environmentally aware consumers!

Kaweco Writing Instruments – Everyday Writing Companions

Kaweco writing instruments have been inspiring people to create their own stories and express their individual style for more than a century. Over the years, the Kaweco Pen Company has faced many transformations, adapting to changing trends and user needs, but it always stays committed to its mission – to provide writing instruments of exceptional quality. And in our opinion, Kaweco makes it better than expected <3

Author: Lena Pilarczyk
Translation: Rafał Stachura