Themed Journals – Your Self-Development Tools

Recently, themed journals have been going down a storm: planners and notebooks with out-of-the-box ideas to help you organise tasks and goals, or those making you examine your own existence and manage your thoughts better. Let’s take a closer look at the journals to help you choose the ones that suit your own needs.

Self-Development and Mental Health Journal

If you are looking for tools to support self-development and manage your emotions, the products of Therapy Notebooks, US-based brand, should be considered. The team collaborates with therapists, clinical psychologists, and researchers to design notebooks dedicated to mental health and self-development. Our offer includes four special-purpose journals designed by Therapy Notebooks.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook utilizes cognitive behavioural therapy. It will help you reduce stress, face your fears, and change unhelpful thought patterns for the better. This journal will help you observe how you react to stressful events and become more aware of your feelings. In time, you will learn to see the bigger picture and discover that you are able to reframe your thoughts into something much more manageable.themed journals, notebooks for self-development, creative notebooksThe Therapy Journal has been created by therapists to get the most out of your therapy sessions. The journal will help you identify your therapy goals, keep track of insights, and review your progress. The notebook is divided into 20 sections – each dedicated to one session with your therapist. It can also be used to evaluate whether your therapist is right for you.themed journals, notebooks for self-development, creative notebooksThe Build-a-Habit Guide combines the theory of building new habits with daily practice. It includes a ten-week step-by-step programme to help you develop and sustain a new habit. First, you will think of your motivations, so choosing the habit that makes the most difference to your life will be much easier.themed journals, notebooks for self-development, creative notebooks(Note)Books to Boost Your Creativity

We also have something special for those who’d want to stimulate their creativity! Frank Bodin, an advertising executive, conceptual creative, composer and pianist, has many times been asked to share his ideas on creativity. As a result, he picked a series of short thoughts and compiled them into a book. This is how Do It, With Love, the book of inspiration with hundred creative thoughts presented with expressive typography was born. Its huge success was followed by Is It Love?, a set of questions that provoke creative thoughts and looking at your ideas from a slightly different perspective. These carefully designed and beautifully published pocket-sized (note)books will give you plenty of space for your notes. Use the books to jot down your creative thoughts on questions and statements, or just read it to find plenty of new inspiration.themed journals, notebooks for self-development, creative notebooks“Think It Over” Cards

The Przemyślniki (“Think It Over”), beautifully designed and illustrated cards with questions, thought experiments and inspiring quotes, may also be your cup of tea. The cards feature a variety of topics on the humanities, and the sets cover matters related to, self-searching, communication, stress management, career, vocation and many more. The sets have been prepared and designed by experienced psychologists, sociologists, therapists, and culture experts, and feature excellent drawings created by Polish illustrators.

You can use the cards either on your own, with your loved ones or together with your colleagues. They encourage you to look at the presented topics from a slightly different perspective. Their pocket size will make you use them often and each time, discover new insights and thoughts.themed journals, notebooks for self-development, creative notebooksWe try to be on top with stationery novelties, so we’ll keep you posted here once new and interesting items hit the market. Also, if you spot something that would fit well within the range of themed notebooks, email us at – we'd love to take a closer look and include them in this review!

Author: Lena Pilarczyk
Translation: Rafał Stachura
Images are from the producer's website

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