Notebooks to get you organized

When you buy a new notebook, you love it so much that you put it on the shelf because „it’s too beautiful to be used". And since we are Papierniczeni, we want to prove this wrong. Life is too short not to appreciate the beauty of notebooks! We have prepared a series of posts with creative ideas on how to use them. For starters, we’d like to talk about notebooks to get you organized.



Collectioner – Notebook with Collections


This idea was a hit when the Bullet Journal method took the world by storm. Collections, the most important part of bullet journaling, are lists of more or less important tasks and topics, such as books to read, movies to watch, things to do, gift ideas, seasonal fruits and vegetables, day-to-day shopping lists and so on. While the Bullet Journal method is still very popular, the question is whether it would not be more convenient to have a separate notebook or binder will all your collections in one place instead of rewriting them over and over again. Now it’s a good time to think about it!


Skill Tracker


A notebook designed to track the progress of skills and habits you develop can be a great motivation tool. It is much easier NOT to give up when you see how much you have already done and what you have achieved. The Skill Tracker will also be a great companion when your initial motivation hides behind the cloud of stagnation and discouragement.


Map of Your Dream Life


Nothing supports productivity better than breaking down your goals into smaller, bite-sized tasks. In this notebook, you can collect your short- and long-term goals and break them down into simple steps that are easier to complete. Remember – it is better to plan major goals starting from the end. Over time, your notebook will be filled with long paths, along which you will easily island your way to the top of your small and big dreams.


Notebook Full of Ideas


Your private treasure chest of inspiration. In this notebook, you can collect ideas you came up with when taking a shower, designs for objects, clothing, collections, or draft ideas yet without their purpose. Treat this notebook also as a space to prioritize your ideas, especially when their amount starts to be overwhelming and it’s difficult to judge what is worth taking on first. Talking with your notebook will lighten up your mind.


Undated Planner


A good alternative for those who like to keep daily tasks under control but don't fancy traditional calendars. You can use planners with monthly and weekly layouts or create your own in a blank notebook. The ideas on how to use the superpowers of undated planners can be found in this post.


Author: Lena Pilarczyk

Translation: Rafał Stachura
Images: Magdalena Konik-Machulska, Ilona Machulska

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