Pencil case, pouch, organizer – how to store your writing instruments

Is your favourite pen flying around your desk like a dandelion in the wind? As paper freaks, we cannot let that happen! Together we will find a cosy place for it. We will also present some of our favourite products that can be found in our studio.

Choosing the right case or pouch for your writing instruments is quite a challenge. Find the one that suits your taste, daily activities and lifestyle. We hope this guide will answer all your questions and concerns!

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The good old pencil case

If you like to have all your favourite writing instruments near at hand, a pencil case is one to go for. It can fit several pens and pencils of different shapes and sizes. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to pencil cases! Our first choice is Midori pencil case made of recycled paper pulp. We love it for its unique and user-friendly design. We also recommend the cotton canvas pouches designed and handcrafted in Japan by The Superior Labor. Made of natural, very durable canvas, they will never go out of style and will store and protect your writing instruments for many years to come. Those who prefer retro style should take a closer look at our Kaweco Tin Boxes that remind classic pencil cases used by our parents in the old school days. These sturdy boxes with black, pleasant-to-touch inlay fit two writing instruments. If you think it is not enough, simply pull out the tray and make room for more of your favourite pens and pencils.

Timeless leather pouch

Something for fans of classic style – leather pouches. Their timeless nature makes them never get old. Aging process of natural leather is unique and if properly cared of, your pouch will withstand the test of time. If Kaweco Sport writing instruments are your favourite, the short pouches tailored for these smart pens and pencils should grab your attention. Writing instruments of other lengths can be stored is cases made by Hugbag, a Wroclaw-based studio. If natural leather is not your first choice, eco-leather might be a good alternative. Ystudio pouches are made from TRNEX, a synthetic leather obtained in the environmentally friendly production process. They fit one of your favourite pens, ballpoint pens or pencils.

Notebook and pen make a perfect pair

Clips and rubber straps for writing instruments are smart accessories you can attach to your notebook. They don't take up any space in your bag or backpack and your favourite pen is always at hand. Colourful rubber straps designed and crafted by Papelote, stationery manufacturer from the Czech Republic, will add individual style to your notebook and take care of your writing instruments. When it comes to more traditional solutions, the clip-on holders that can be attached to the cover of your notebook should be the ones to fancy. Designed as a spring loop, they can hold pens and pencils of various diameters. Kaweco has designed their own clips to attach your pens to a planner or pocket.

Unique detail in your home office

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, display trays might come to help. They will ensure your writing instruments are well organized, beautifully displayed and ready to use anytime you need them. Wooden organisers will also decorate your interior. Simple design of oak pen trays will fit in any workspace, as they do in ours!

All pen and pencil storage accessories have their own qualities – you just have to find the one to suit your needs. Pencil cases and pouches are best for carrying around in your bag or backpack so they are always at hand. If you often use your favourite pen, try one of the notebook clip-on holders. The oak pen tray will make a perfect addition to your home office desk. Happy note-taking!

Check out our collection of pen storage accessories

Author: Ilona Machulska
Images: Magdalena Konik-Machulska
Translation: Rafał Stachura

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